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Visualise, analyse & resolve the most challenging network & service problems for Telco, ISP and Data centres

We provide the best Network Management Solutions on the market so our clients are able to manage large multi-vendor environments, including those experiencing rapid growth from NFV, SDN, BYOD, and IoT, all on one unified platform. Our clients are generally ISPs, Telcos and Enterprises, but we do cater for SMMEs as well.

Our Comprehensive Network Management Solution is built upon a single data structure and provides the following functions on a vendor independent network and service managment platform:

  • Asset Discovery & Inventory Mapping
  • Application Performance & Service Managment
  • Network Change & Configuration Management
  • Fault Managment & Root Cause Analysis

Our solution may be deployed on a multitenant, multi-customer or dedicated platform, and is scalable for highly dynamic flex-compute environments.

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